About our missal covers

Missals and breviaries are expensive, and are notorious for becoming tattered from use. The answer? Protect your missal or breviary from wear and tear with a sturdy, beautifully embroidered vinyl cover. Have a brand new or an old missal that has a worn, torn, or taped up cover? Slide it into one of these stunning covers and your missal is better than new! These covers can be made to fit ANY missal, Bible, Breviary, child's missal, Liber Usualis, Magnificat, or any book. 

No more lost holy cards! The zipper closure keeps your holy cards and papers safely inside while protecting the page edges from being bent or drenched from rain. The cover is designed to leave an opening at the base of the spine where the zipper stops, allowing your ribbon bookmarks to hang freely. Each cover is custom made with high quality materials according to your specifications. There are currently over 40 embroidery design choices available for further customization.  Extend the life of your missal, Bible, Breviary, Magnificat, or favorite prayer book - order one today!

the perfect gift

Look no further for that unique gift they will treasure! A missal, breviary or bible cover makes the perfect gift for priests, seminarians, Godparents, children, family or friends; Christmas, Easter, birthdays, First Communion, Confirmation, ordinations, or any other occasion. Don't know the size of their book or which design they'd choose? Gift Certificates are available - let them design their own custom cover! 


I am happy to fulfill any special request you may have! Every order is a custom order. When ordering, you choose your vinyl color, design, wording and you will also indicate the exact size of the cover you need. Wording may be added above or below almost all designs at no extra charge! Some examples are shown in the product photos in the Missal Cover Shop. If desired, please include your custom wording at checkout. (Space is limited so make it short & sweet!) Should you have any additional requests, please use the Contact page and send me an email or give me a call to discuss your needs. 

fulfillment and shipping

All US orders ship via USPS Priority Mail and Canadian orders ship via First Class Mail from Walton, KY. Due to the custom nature of your order, please allow time for your cover to be made. Usually, most orders will ship within 2-3 weeks of being received. When orders are heavy, it may take a bit longer. You will be notified by email if this is the case. You will receive an email with tracking information when your cover ships.

International Orders

For orders outside the US or Canada, please order through my Etsy Shop.


I hope you are 100% satisfied with your purchase! Your missal cover will be made according to the measurements you provide so please measure your book precisely, down to the 16th of an inch, to ensure a proper fit. Due to the custom nature of the items you are purchasing, returns are not accepted. However, if you receive an item that is not what you ordered, please contact me for an immediate resolution!

Cover Photo

The church on the Welcome page of the website is St. Joseph's in Macon, GA. I have never been there, nor am I in any way affiliated with them, I just think the interior is particularly beautiful so I asked for permission to use the photo for my site. The church dates back to 1903. The photograph was taken by Mr. Mark Zbinden.

Our Story

Leah's Legacy is a small, home-based, custom sewing and embroidery business. The business blossomed from seeds planted over many years of hobby and gift sewing. I love to give handmade, personalized, one-of-a-kind gifts! When I would be asked by friends to make things for them, I did so with great joy. Visit my Etsy shop to see the current selection of items! Then the need arose locally for the stock of embroidered missal covers. I gladly rose to the occasion! Once I began making them, it occurred to me that the need for these covers was greater and more wide-spread. So the online component of Leah's Legacy was born. In all I do, may the Will of Almighty God be done.

The Name

Why Leah's Legacy? Leah is a combination of the first two letters of our last name and the first letters of my name and my husband's name. It's also the name of a very special little girl that we've spiritually adopted. Pray for the unborn!