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THANK YOU to the following customers who have provided their feedback! 

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"I absolutely love my beautiful new cover and can't believe how fast I received it! It fits like a glove, and the quality and workmanship is superb. I am so pleased that Alyssa was able to accommodate my special requests, and will definitely be ordering another cover in the near future. The monogram was perfect and I love having my cover personalized." KG

"Hi Alyssa. My order arrived today... it's beautiful!  And you must have filled my order the same day I e-mailed it to you.  I'm really impressed by everything from start to finish! ... May Jesus and Mary bless your fine work!" Fr. T

"Great Work! They all look so nice...I am so in awe of all the different talents God has given His Creatures! We are so blessed!" SL

"Thanks again. This cover is lovely. I'll enjoy having it." Ms. S

"Absolutely a great cover for my breviary. Will come back if needed in the future." RT

"A great high quality missal cover." RT

"Seller made a wonderful product. Very happy with the quality." AS

"Thank you Alyssa! I got the missal cover and it's beautiful! Thank you and God bless you!" RD

"Dear Alyssa, I love the cover!" "Thank you very much... I'm eager to share your great work with those I know.  Be sure to know that I'll be making many of my fellow Traditionalists aware of it." Mr. P

"Thanks so much. It turned out fantastic." CB

"You outdid this order, was so speechless and was impressed with the outcome of the cover.  I have your cards and will hand them out because I surely will get positive feedback on my Magnificat cover.  Thanks for a beautiful cover."    MC

"THANK YOU SO MUCH! It looks fantastic. My girlfriend is going to absolutely love it. I didnt even realize it would have the cover holders on the inside. May God bless you abundantly." RK

"Hi Alyssa, The missal cover arrived and is now on my Baronius missal. Beautiful! Looking forward to bringing it to Mass tomorrow evening." JD

"My custom order turned out great…thanks!!!" CS

"Fast shipping & order. Very nice custom missal cover, thank you it was perfect!" CS

"I received it this morning, the cover is PERFECT, thank you so much!" JB

"I received the cover for my missal today.  I could not be more pleased.  The fit is perfect and it looks just as I had imaged it would look." TB

"I got home from vacation on Monday and was so happy to have gotten our covers! They fit BEAUTIFULLY and are oh so pretty. My Sister was so happy with hers and I was thrilled I could give it to her for Christmas. Thank you so much for your beautiful work. They came out perfect." LE

"I just wanted to pass on to you that we gave our daughter the missal cover yesterday and she really likes it!  Thank you!" MM

"The missal cover fits perfectly. The quality is excellent. Shipping is fast!" ND

"I just received my Missal cover and it is perfect, and beautiful!" KL

"The cover just arrived today – it is beautiful!!  Thank you very much!" JI

"I literally located Leah's Legacy by accident when I searched on Google under "missal cover". In retrospect, my search resulted in a huge blessing. I bought a new St. Paul Daily Missal to be able to follow the mass liturgy more closely. I faced a difficult challenge to find a cover that would fit the unique dimension (4 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 3") of this wonderful missal. I contacted Alyssa (owner) and she confirmed that she could make a custom cover to meet my missal dimensions. My next task was to select the emblem for the front cover from 35 different emblems. Selected the Lamb of God that has both brilliant gold and red colors as well as intricate design. Received within 2 business days the most awesome missal cover that fit my new missal perfectly. Thank you Alyssa for your outstanding customer service and very professional/sacred missal cover that I will just treasure!!!" BP

"The covers arrived and I am just in awe of how beautiful they are!  The Sisters were elated with joy! Thank you for the great work and all your diligence and efforts to make this happen! You are truly using His gifts to advance His kingdom on earth! God bless you always." AL

"Received my covers yesterday while at work.  I was anxious to put them on my breviary and Magnificat when I got home.  They fit perfectly and look so beautiful!  I am very pleased.  I gave out one of your business cards already." ML

"The new cover just came and fits PERFECT!  Thank you." DH

"Arrived today -- it's wonderful! Thank you!" JA

"Wow! The cover just arrived, and is it ever beautiful - better than my expectations. You can be sure that I will tell people where I got this." BP

"I received the cover you made for me, for my monthly Magnificat. The workmanship is exquisite! So special, I am sure I will not only use it, but also treasure it for many years to come. Thanks so much for adding the ribbons for me. They have really come in handy. Be sure that I'll carry your cards with me and will be handing them out to all who ask about my beautiful cover." DN

"We received the covers you made for our children for their confirmation...they love them!" KB

"Good morning Alyssa.  I just wanted to let you know that I received my missal cover for my Liturgy of the Hours and I LOVE IT!  Thank you!!  It fits great and I just love looking at the IHS medallion.  It is beautiful.  Also the initials and prayer card holder are great touches.  I will definitely let people know about you and your work.  God bless you and your work!" MP

"I received the missal cover yesterday and it's just beautiful!! It is perfect! I cannot thank you enough for all of the time you took walking me through the selection and ordering process and then working through the evening to get it to me almost immediately :-). You are truly amazing!! My son will cherish this for his whole life, I'm certain.  I will be in touch next week to order a few more :-)" AS

"Hello Alyssa,Everyone loved, loved, loved my son's missal cover!! Thank you!" AS

"Hi Alyssa, Just a note to let you know that I am so thrilled with the First Communion Bible Covers that I ordered from you. I am so glad I ordered these beautiful custom-made Bible Covers for my twin grandson and granddaughter. I really wanted to give them something unique and special and something they will always have for years to come. They are absolutely beautiful and heirloom quality.  So glad I found your website.  Will definately be ordering from you again in the near future. I plan on ordering custom family Bible covers, ( will be giving them as Christmas gifts to family members this year). Thank You so much for creating these beautiful and unique keepsakes!  I just can't say enough about how overjoyed I am with my purchase and again, am so glad I found your MissalCovers website." LM

"Dear Alyssa, Thank you, yes, I just received it yesterday and it is in perfect condition. It looks even better in real life than in the website photo! The embroidery is incredible. My missal looks so beautiful! And protected! And I've already given out two of the cards you so kindly provided. Thank you so much I am very happy! God bless!" AR

"Hi Alyssa, Received it today. It's even better than I was hoping. It fits like a glove. It's perfect, from the craftsmanship to the design. I'm very pleased. Thank you, and God bless you!" BD

"Hi Alyssa! I got my Breviary cover in the mail the other day.  It's really beautiful and fits perfectly.  I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did making it.  The divine office has become so important to me and I'm thrilled that I can actually use my breviary instead of the annoying phone app whenever I go out somewhere.  I put your business cards in the cover pocket and will certainly be giving them out." JH

"Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful Cor Jesu missal cover! I ordered it as a birthday gift for my sister, and it fits her missal (1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal) to a T! Your embroidery is simply gorgeous, and I really appreciated the option for a custom phrase, as I was able to select one that was special to my sister. The entire cover is not only functional in terms of protecting the missal, but a beautiful inspiration to contemplation and prayer. My sister loves it :) Thank you for your ministry!" MD

"Just writing to thank you again for the wonderful work you did. Just received the three book covers in the mail today. All three covers were perfect. The quality of work is outstanding. Will be ordering another cover soon. These are books I wanted covered for years, but was never happy with anything I could find. Your covers are exactly what I had been searching for. Just wanted to say thanks again." AC

"I recently ordered another cover from you, and it's just beautiful! The cover fits precisely, and the extra-large holy card pocket I asked for accommodates my special holy card perfectly; the ribbons are lovely as well and will definitely come in handy :-) So glad to have a beautiful and protective cover for my prayer book! Thank you so much!" MD

"Our covers arrived Saturday.  They’re wonderful!  My three-volume breviary is now well protected and keeps its cards inside (thanks to the zippers).  It’s much easier to travel to church with.  Previously I’d take them inside the slip boxes they shipped with, but if I happened to grab the box by the wrong end, the book would end up falling right out.  Also, my son loves the missal cover (“Ave Maria Gratia Plena”) that you made him.  It’s made his missal that much more special, and so he’s more eager to use it now (in short, the plan worked :) ). Thanks so much for putting the time in to make these covers." AB

"The missal cover came today. When my son took it out of the package, he jumped up and hugged me - it was exactly the way he had envisioned it. Thank you for the beautiful work!" FB

"Just rec'd our Missal covers and are extremely happy with the quality and fit!  Thank you so much and I will be ordering again from your company!" JL

"I just arrived home today from a retreat conference to find your beautiful rosary pouch waiting for me.  It was just what I had in mind and it’s the perfect size for the special rosary I wanted to use it for.  I love the details of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and they look great against the black background.  I’m sure I will get compliments, and perhaps I may even be able to send some business your way! I am bookmarking your website for future purchases!  God bless you and your business.  There is definitely a market out there for your products!" RW

"I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely beautiful work you do. I received the Holy Fatherhood missal cover I had ordered yesterday, and it took my breath away. I can't wait to surprise my sister with it on her birthday!
May God bless you and your family!" LD

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my missal cover today.  It's gorgeous, thank you so much...even better than I expected.  It fits my St. Andrew Daily Missal perfectly.  I also appreciate the small opening at the bottom that allows the ribbons to come out the bottom.  I'm sure I will have a lot of people asking where I got it, and of course I will tell them about your store and recommend you.  I'll keep your business cards inside my missal to give (very smart idea of yours by the way!) Best wishes, God bless!" EP

"The cover arrived in yesterday's mail, and it's perfect!  Thanks so much for all of the time and trouble you took with it.  I really appreciate it, it's even more beautiful than I imagined, and I am very much looking forward to using it at Mass!" JD

"Hello, Alyssa:  I just received the cover I ordered for my “Benedictine Daily Prayer” prayerbook, and I could not be more pleased. I was hoping for a quality product, but what I received far surpassed my expectations.  Your craftsmanship is outstanding. Thank you so much...I am extremely happy with my beautiful new prayerbook cover!  Be assured of my high recommendation and referral to my prayer circle. May God bless you in your work!" MS

"I received today my breviary cover, and I have to tell you that it is BEAUTIFUL!  The craftsmanship is exquisite, and the St. Benedict Medal is just wonderful.  I love the back clear pocket also.  I am very proud to use this cover with my LOH books.  Thank you again for making this cover for me.  I plan to order another cover very soon.  Please continue the great work that you do." RF

"I received my missal cover and it fit’s perfect! The embroidery is beautiful and it will protect my Liturgy of the hours volumes for years to come. Thanks you for making such a great product! I will definitely pass out your cards for future business!" MS

"Dear Alyssa, Thank you so much. I just got the cover today and I am so pleased with it. Your service in these Missal and Breviary covers is wonderful and I'll be sure to spread the word to other seminarians!" LD

"I got the Breviary cover I ordered with the Chi Rho...It is outstanding!  I particularly like the large pockets the breviary covers slip into. They keep the cover from slipping, and I can insert all the prayer cards I save for the people I daily pray for. They stay inside the book very securely. The cover is very soft and handsome. Thanks for this." TL

"I have used a breviary cover that you made for me for almost two years...  It gets tossed around my car, briefcase and office every day, not to mention airplane seatbacks and the odd coffeeshop booth and still looks like the day it came!" WS

"The Jerusalem cross Breviary cover came today. It is perfect! Spectacular. I am looking at your site now. I think I need 2 more covers for the remaining 2 Breviaries in the set. I will let you know. Again. Many many thanks. You and your family are in my prayers." TL

"It’s here; it’s spectacular, and it fits perfectly!! THANK YOU!! Lots of people will see this and know who did it. God bless you and your business.: DO

"I could not be happier with my CUSTOM-MADE missal cover from  It is top-quality and fits like a glove, but that is nothing compared my EXCELLENT customer experience.  Alyssa was so patient with me, helping me to develop a cover design that is completely unique and PERFECT for my missal.  It is a Russian-Latin missal, and now it is safe in a cover that is not only beautiful, but includes the opening words of the mass IN RUSSIAN!!” DO

"The Missal covers arrived today and are absolutely beautiful. The embroidery is perfect and fits the missals like a glove. Thank you!" MC

"The cover arrived and it is absolutely beautiful. It is the perfect size, opens easily, and adds even more beauty to the Liturgy of the Hours. Thanks so much!" DH

“I received my order today, it was absolutely perfect.  The workmanship and the beautiful design is unsurpassable!  I will think of you every time I pick-up my "Liturgy of the Hours" and will recommend you to others.” VH

“I received my custom made missal cover and will be using it for my Father Lasance missal. The Father Lasance Missal was quite expensive and I wanted to purchase a quality cover to protect it. Your talent is amazing and is a gift from the Lord. This missal cover is so beautiful. I almost don’t want to bring it outside my house just so it will stay pretty, clean, and new. Haha. I can not wait to use this new missal cover with my new Latin Mass missal later this morning at the Traditional Latin Mass. Thank you again for your prompt delivery and excellent customer service. I have your business cards in the missal cover pocket and will certainly pass them out to anyone that asks where I got my missal.” LM

 “I just wanted you to know my order arrived today.  I am ecstatic.  The missal covers are beautiful,  just as I had thought they would be, and I pray my children will think as much of them as I do.  (They will be their Easter gifts this year.) Thank you and a God bless you.” KC

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